The enjoyment.
It is on this concept that Havas has always bet to present one of the top popular brands among the youth.

And it has done it shamelessly, actually choosing campaigns with a deliberately irreverent, cheeky tone. Just like it happened with the brand activation “Fonzies XXL. Chi ce l’ha più lungo?” (“Fonzies XXL. Who’s got the longest?”): the spot plays on a misunderstanding, showing a kid that goes around shocking an entire town as he crows after the finding of a Fonzie that is “two centimeters longer”…
An integrated campaign that has achieved really XXL figures: over 800.000 views on Youtube in only 3 days, and the reaching of 12 million people on Facebook in less than 1 month.

It happened with the “Gnomo” spot too, in which a boy is caught with its tongue stuck onto the frozen bottom of a gnome statue, as he hadn’t managed to resist to the yummy Fonzies crumbs that had ended up there.

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