Gas Jeans

GAS Jeans celebrated an important anniversary in 2014: 30 years in business.

To mark the occasion, we decided to celebrate 30 years in 30 seconds. How? With a unique digital event: GAS FREE FOR 30 SECONDS.
The idea? Simple. Make products on the GAS Jeans e-commerce website COMPLETELY free for half a minute.

The event was launched through digital PR initiatives, social networks, retail outlets, a print campaign and a web video with MotoGP Champion Marc Marquez as testimonial.

The project immediately went viral: who doesn’t want to receive designer clothes for free?
In order to complete the purchase in 30 seconds, you had to be really quick off the mark, so the first thing we did was to create a training course to show users how to access the GAS Jeans ecommerce website, select the garment and size, and proceed to the check out.

Many users even went to points of sale to try on the clothes they wanted to win.
It didn’t take long for the day of the event to arrive.

In just 30 seconds, thousands of young people managed to win an article of clothing and immediately shared their success on Facebook.

And even those who weren’t fast enough were in for a surprise, because GAS Jeans offered them a 30% discount voucher.
Riding on the success of the initiative in Italy, GAS Jeans decided to replicate the digital event in Hungary, the rest of Europe, Japan and India.

The results exceeded all forecasts.
GAS FREE FOR 30 SECONDS: 30 years have never gone by so fast.
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