To become an astronaut, a ballerina, a princess.

Who among us, as a child, didn’t have a great dream to realize?
This is the insight the Invernizzi Brand Activation took its origin from, as invernizzi is a historic brand connected to the childhood of all of us.
The operation “Vinci da grande il tuo sogno da bambino” (“Win your childhood dream as a grown-up”) has given thousands of users the chance to realize, as adults, what they were dreaming to become as kids.
As they visited the contest website, the users could choose among 20 different dreams, each planned down to the last detail and designed to give a truly memorable experience.
For instance, those who had chosen to become an astronaut were given the actual possibility to go to Houston and stay there for 5 days, float around in a zero-gravity room and live among true astronauts. The explorer dream was devised as a trip to a real archaeological site; needless to say, with ongoing digs.

The campaign was especially realized for the web only and included a Facebook editorial plan, a dedicated website, banners and a web video in two subjects.

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