Oro Saiwa 60th anniversary

A breakfast turning 60 years old. How to celebrate it best?

Havas did it by devising a spot that put on stage a massive party happening at a very special time of the day: the wakeup.

To the happy, upbeat rhythm of the Trisch Trasch polka by Strauss, the alleys of a typical Italian town get flooded with people of all ages in their pijamas, who are heading excitedly to the main square, where tables laid with an enormous breakfast are awaiting.

The video was shot in the City of Vasto and involved a big part of the citizenship, which granted the commercial a genuine, authentic feeling in telling the Italianness, a central value in Oro Saiwa’s equity.

The film was devised in 45” format for the big screen and the web and in 20” cuts for TV and pre-roll.

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